David & Luka 2019

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2020

 Here are a series of short video clips of Luka and myself riding. This will give you a better idea of my philosophy of how I try to work with both riders and horses.

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The Dynamics of Balanced Riding. An introduction to my Philosophy

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

Welcome, in this video I explain my new philosophy of how I believe there are many different factors that influence our horses and why they have an impact with our goals.

Alignment, balance, pace, rider position and the pattern you ride all play an important part in achieving success with your horse.

Hopefully this explanation gives you some new ideas that will be helpful with your own training.

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A short demonstration of Garrocha pole riding

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019
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Live Webinar - Working with young horses

live webinar Sep 18, 2017

Tonight's theme is Young horses and what it takes to work with them. David discusses some ideas he thinks is important for being successful working with & starting a young horse.

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Live Webinar - Building a connection

live webinar Sep 10, 2017

Live Webinar with David.

  • Discussing building a connection.
  • Why timing is so important.
  • The secrets to feeling for your horses feet.
  • Knowing which foot is leaving the ground.
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Beyond the comfort zone - Learning to read your horse

education Aug 15, 2017

Beyond the comfort zone

By David Mellor

One of the biggest ideas for horse training is understanding the horses own thresholds.

What does the horse cope with? Physically this could mean the horse can handle dogs, bikes & small children. But doesn’t cope with loud noises and flapping bags. Knowing this can help you keep yourself safe because you can avoid these specific situations.

But what about the psychological & emotions? How does a horse handle pressure?

What sorts of thoughts and emotions is the horse having and do they change with different situations.

One idea I was taught was the idea of zones. A lot of us maybe familiar with the idea of a ‘comfort zone.’ To me this means in a specific area the horse is calm, relaxed and doesn’t feel threatened. They can think, listen to you and responds in a positive way. I call this the comfort zone. Mentally your horse is in a place that they feel safe, relaxed and are under minimal pressure both physically...

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What can I expect with a lesson or clinic

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2017

Develop and Enjoy

Working with David he is focused on building a better relationship with your horse. It’s about understanding and developing a shared language and building true communication and connection. It concentrates on building your confidence, helping you to become a respected and trusted leader.

What distinguishes David from other trainers is not only that he understands the language of the horse, but he has a strong ability to transfer his knowledge and skills to you in a way that it is a truly positive, rewarding and empowering experience. Most important of all, David has a genuine interest in your horse and your personal progress. He provides you with knowledge and skills that help you to grow and develop into a true horse(wo)men.

 Regardless if you are just at the beginning of your journey or training to get your next blue ribbon, working with David will add real value to your own journey with your horse, so you can learn to be your horse’s perfect...

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Why ground work is essential to building a happy relationship with your horse

education Jul 27, 2017

By David Mellor 2017

Many people ask me how do I get my horse to relax? Or more specifically, my horse is more distracted by every bird, twig and leaf that moves, but I have to use spurs and a crop to get him to move. How can I change this?

Well my answer is you need to improve the connection from your horse to you. By this I mean somehow you want the horse to put as much effort into listening to you, or trying to work out what you want as he does watching all the other things in his world that is distracting him.

Imagine if you could harness that effort. Instead of your horse putting so much effort into watching and reacting to other things, imagine him trying that hard for you. That would be incredible.


So how do we do this? The answer. It all starts from the ground. Your horse has spent its entire life practicing and learning to respond from no-verbal communication. They are hard wired to watch body language, to notice every small motion of the lead horse. To respond...

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The philosophy of Float Loading

education Jul 26, 2017

Floating Your Horse

By David Mellor

July 2017


Floating can be a bit of a daunting experience, especially when you have to cover long distances or when the experience starts out with a bit of a drama and power struggle with your horse refusing to get onboard and into the float.


Here is one Horsemans philosophy regarding Float loading and how we can help our horses become braver and calmer.


“My horse walks into the float but then rushes backwards and hits his head in the process.” “My horse pulls away from the float and sometimes even rears up.” “My horse stays well clear of the float and doesn’t even get close to it.” I am often asked these questions and what people should do, if they continue to experience one of these or maybe even all of these problems, then your horse is trying to tell you something, they don’t want to get on that float.

 Making sure that your horse loads stress-free doesn’t start on...

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