Online learning courses now available

For many years I have been helping students through clinics and lessons. Now you can now work at your own pace from your own home.

I now offer 3 online courses that you can work through.

Course 1. Building a connection from the ground. This course is about teaching you how to build a connection from the ground. It will teach your horse how to be responsive & calm. This gives you a sound foundation on which you can build on.

Course 2. Riding with Natural Horsemanship. This course is all about safety in the saddle. Learning how to safely mount your horse, know how to feel for the feet, when to get off. All this and much more.

Course 3. My Latest course. Developing your young horse. This course is to help riders who are trying to move forward with their green or young horse. I take you through my own process, explain my ideas about balance and alignment and how they impact on the horses emotions.

All courses come with a 100% money back guarantee in the first 7 days.

Click on the links below to watch a free preview and find out more.


Course 1

Ground work using Horsemanship


Course 2

Developing safety in the saddle


Course 3

Developing your young horse

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Video coaching

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Key benefits from these courses

One of the key strengths is my ability to explain difficult concepts and ideas that riders are required to learn. There is so much information available that riders are now expected to understand in order to be successful, but where should you start? What I offer in these courses are the ideas and topics that have made an impact during my own journey.

When working with Luka, my warmblood mare, I was forced to find new information. What I was doing at the time wasn't helping her. So I had to search for another way.

Working with various Classical instructors showed me a different way of getting into the horses body and mind. By using the ideas of classical dressage, with the focus of finding blockages or braces in the horse, I was able to reach the areas that were preventing me from riding the way I wanted. Once I understood where the blockages were, then I had to learn how to resolve muscular blockages, braces and tension. This is something we all feel when things aren't going well.

This course teaches the horse how to improve both balance & alignment. It will help you understand why speed and path, such as the the line in which you ride along, have such a profound impact on how the horse behaves. These will  all directly influence the horses balance and behavior.

Helping your horse find and maintain their balance is one of the critical pillars that all my training is based upon. Many behavioral problems riders experience can be traced back to the horse feeling vulnerable due to poor balance.