Our new Road Map for you & your horse.

After many years of working with both students & horses, David has created his new program that he believes everyone can use as a road map for achieving success with their horse.

The coloured block represents a different area of Horsemanship. Each block builds on the previous as the pyramid demonstrates, taking the skills and knowledge and building on them over time.

Enjoy trail riding with your friends, begin to compete in your favourite event. Too many people put too much pressure on themselves and their horse before they are ready. It’s not surprising that many fail or give up because neither of them were prepared for the challenges associated with the job.

“Spend the time and effort learning these skills. It isn’t easy, but nothing worth doing ever is”

You will make mistakes, but the only way of improving is by experimenting. Learning from your mistakes and improve. Don’t keep doing the same thing for the next 5 years if the previous 5 years haven’t improved. Change your patterns. Change what you do. Take the time to learn some new knowledge and start to enjoy your horse the way you always dreamed of.

This is the program that I teach. Whether its private lessons or a clinic. Developed in Australia, by an Australian for Australian riders.

Step 1

The Blue block is the foundation on which all your work will be based. Some people are born with a natural affinity for horses. They have a talent for working with horses. The horse naturally follows their suggestion & moves with them. For many of us we need to learn this. How to teach a horse to listen to us. How do you develop that natural connection? This is something I believe that every rider needs to learn and master. This helps break down the resistance and conflict that a lot of horse & rider partnerships have.

Generally this doesn’t take very long. Your horse has been practicing this since the day it was born. They do it every day with each other in the paddock. It’s us that haven’t been paying attention and giving the horse the leadership they need.

Who eats first? Who moves away? How long does the lead horse give before it follows up with the insistence?
Learn these rules and your horse will look and respond to you in a new way.

Step 2

The Green block builds on from the initial basic connection. It is here that we need to teach the horse how to move in a balanced and relaxed posture in preparation for riding. The traditional Cavesson gives a much clearer signal then a rope halter and allows the human to develop the shape that we know will allow the horse to move in a correct balanced, relaxed and supple frame.

The key is teaching suppleness in the hindquarters and gymnastic exercises to strengthen and develop flexibility in the horse. This begins with teaching the horse to step the inside hind leg deeper underneath themselves without crossing the outside track.

This key exercise will later be used to teach the horse how to respond to the riders inside leg.
Build relaxation, balance and strength from the ground. Find your horses weakness and strengthen them. Give your horse every chance of success by building their confidence from the ground before you ride. This will give you greater confidence in your horse and greatly reduce your chances of failure.

Step 3

The Orange block is for teaching safety in the saddle. Utilising the Natural Horsemanship techniques gives riders a clear plan and exercises that they can practice to build their confidence in the saddle. Don’t be lost without a plan.

Learning about the simple but effective ideas of lateral flexion, hindquarter yields and footfalls will allow any rider to feel confident being in the saddle regardless of experience.

These simple ideas are designed to be learned and to become part of every rider’s knowledge base.

Step 4

The Yellow block is where both you and your horse start to learn together about balance and relaxation. Understanding how your position affects the horse.  How the horses balance can affect the rider.

Develop suppleness and relaxation from the hindquarters of the horse, allow the power to come through the body without interference. Understanding where the horses head needs to be to allow the horse every opportunity for success.

 The reins will have no weight when the horse is balanced.

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