My new program gives you a road map for both yourself & your horse.

After many years of working with both students & horses, I have created this program that I believe everyone can use as a road map for achieving success with their horse.


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Building a connection from the ground

(Blue module)

This video set contains 10 videos stepping you through the essential steps to develop a connection and safety on the ground.

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Balanced Lunging

(Green module)


This video set contains 11 videos explaining and demonstrating how to begin lunging with a Cavesson.

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Riding with Natural Horsemanship

(Orange Module)


This video sets contains 14 videos. Begin learning how to ride safely with connection.

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Riding in Balance

(Yellow Module)






5 Day Float Loading course

This course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to be able to Float Load your horse with success.

There are two modules in this course.

Module 1. Learning the basic ground skills essential to be able to control the horses feet and develop a connection.

Module 2. Teaching the horse to be confident on a Horse Float.

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Watch Steve Halfpenny working with 'Spirit', a young unhandled Jeparit Pony from Western Victoria.

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What people are saying about our videos

"Simple and easy to understand explanations...."     "Love how he explians his ideas...."      "David really does start at the beginning, he assumes nothing and explains everything."     "The making of Spirit is a credit to Steve & David...." "The Float loading series made such a difference to my horse, thank you David."


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