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David and his family live in Bendigo, Victoria. David is a trainer and coach for horsewomen, horsemen and their equine athletes and companions. David's work has been driven by his high level of insight and understanding of the nature of the horse paired which his ability to help people to develop a better relationship with their horses.

From working with his own horses, David has been influenced by his fascination for vaquero style horsemanship & old style classical dressage training.

Vaquero style horsemanship refers back to the Spanish tradition of working & riding horses using a traditional rawhide Hackamore. This style has been used in central California for many hundreds of years.
It is based on long-term training on the ground and in the saddle, subtle and soft movements with a harmonious understanding between the horse and the rider. It also influenced the Natural Horsemanship movement to a large degree.

David's mentors for the classical training is a combination of Manolo Mandez, Bent Branderup and Dr Thomas Ritter. He believes in using the traditional cavesson and bamboo to develop the relaxed balanced posture that is critical for any horse. Using the teachings and knowledge he has learned from his mentors David believes that every horse can benefit from this training. 

The principles of David's Natural Horsemanship philosophy have come primarily from Steve Halfpenny at Light Hands Equitation. They can be adopted for any discipline and leads to a horse that is balanced, soft, calm, connected and confident. David helps owners and horse lovers to develop into horsemen and horsewomen who enjoy respectful, safe but most of all rewarding, engaging relationships with their horses.

David's latest inspiration for development has come directly from Australia's number 1 equestrian success and mindset coach, Tanja Mitton. Tanja has changed how David rides both physically and mentally.

"I had to re-evaluate everything I was doing as a rider. It was clear I had to improve. Even being out by just the smallest amount was enough to upset my mare." David Mellor

 Tanja's seat specific coaching has greatly reduced the amount of conflict he was experiencing with his own horse and made riding other horses much easier.


David works from his training facility at Lake Eppalock where riders and horses find an ideal environment which drives learning and development. He is also sharing his knowledge in clinics and private lessons across Australia.

Contact David via

Email [email protected] - [email protected]  ph: 0427 393 144

Location 2401 Strathfieldsaye Rd Eppalock.





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