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The new description of 'Dynamic Balanced Rider' is an idea I have been working with for a number of years now. Previously I grew up through the world of Natural Horsemanship but when I started working with my new horse Luka, everything that had previously worked well didn't. I came to the realization that I had to change, improve.

This started my journey into the classical dressage world. I use the word classical deliberately as I believe it is different from competitive dressage. I use the patterns and movements from dressage to target specific areas of my horse. I am trying to remove all tension and brace, while developing her strength & power but not at the cost of losing her mind or relaxation.

With my students where this journey begins really depends on where they are in their own journey. There is no point talking about timing of the feet or cantering if the horse isn't able to walk on a soft rein and the rider can't relax.

This doesn't mean that we stay in the walk. Everything influences everything else. A good relaxed walk is essential for a smooth trot transition. A relaxed balanced trot is a prerequisite for a smooth canter transition. But using the canter helps the trot and walk. So we may have to use the other higher gaits to help the lower ones. As a rider you are always asking yourself what does my horse need.

The other question is "How can I make this easier for my horse to understand?" This is something that I spend a lot of time trying to teach to my students.

Take the goal that you want to do. Now how can you break this down into much smaller steps that you can both achieve. These steps should have a logical progressive format that allows you to get closer and closer to your big goal with each training session.

Most people have problems and resistance when they make the steps too big. The tension, resistance and frustration we all encounter is feedback from your horse saying "I don't understand or its too hard." Your job as the rider is to take this feedback and then try to make your idea easier for the horse. Then build them back up again.

Put all the steps together to complete your original goal. How long all this takes depends on your goal, your own skills and the horse.

So regardless if you are just at the beginning of your journey or training to get your next blue ribbon, working with me will add real value to your own journey with your horse, so you can learn to be your horse’s perfect partner, and your horse to be the perfect friend.


In 2018 I became an accredited Australian National Working Equitation level B judge for Maneability. I believe this is a fantastic sport and incorporate this training into my teaching with all the students.

I work from my training facility at Lake Eppalock where riders and horses find an ideal environment which drives learning and development. I travel regularly sharing my knowledge in clinics and private lessons across Australia.

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Email [email protected] - [email protected]  ph: 0427 393 144

Location 2401 Strathfieldsaye Rd Eppalock.





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