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Working with David he is focused on building a better relationship with your horse. It’s about understanding and developing a shared language and building true communication and connection. It concentrates on building your confidence, helping you to become a respected and trusted leader.

What distinguishes David from other trainers is not only that he understands the language of the horse, but he has a strong ability to transfer his knowledge and skills to you in a way that it is a truly positive, rewarding and empowering experience. Most important of all, David has a genuine interest in your horse and your personal progress. He provides you with knowledge and skills that help you to grow and develop into a true horse(wo)men.

 Regardless if you are just at the beginning of your journey or training to get your next blue ribbon, working with David will add real value to your own journey with your horse, so you can learn to be your horse’s perfect partner, and your horse to be the perfect friend.

 David offers private lessons, clinics, events and excursions for individuals and groups at all levels.

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