Private Lessons

“The journey to perfection is what makes Horse(wo)men different from other horse riders. Knowing we can never achieve true perfection, but always striving to reach that goal is a sign of a true Horse(wo)man.”


What to expect

My lessons are tailored to your individual and to your horse’s needs. I offer private lessons at our centre at Eppalock. What we cover will be discussed and a plan agreed on between us. Don't want to ride yet, no worries. For a green horse there is lots of work to be done before riding.

What to bring

Bring all your usual lunging and riding equipment. I have cavesson's that student are welcome to use if they need one. Horse wash available after your lesson if needed.

What I offer

Rider lesson - The dynamics of balanced riding. This is the core of my philosophy. The horses alignment, balance, rhythm and pace all have an impact. The riders balance, aids, seat breathing & own emotions will directly influence the horse. It becomes a two way conversation between you and your horse, but the rider must be leading the conversation.


Lunging. Lunging using a traditional Spanish cavesson. I think lunging is an essential fundamental that all horses should be proficient with. Depending on your horses own emotions and sensitivity this can be a very powerful tool in helping your horse become calmer and more balanced.

Ground work. Using the key concepts of Natural Horsemanship I believe that learning and mastering ground work is fundamental for all riders. Being able to safely float your horse, tie up, move them away from their friends. The psychology behind this is very deep and is not to be over looked.

Not sure where to start, let me guide you on your journey. Your safety and confidence is my main priority. There are no cowboy's here.




Float loading.Need some professional help with Float loading? Don't know where to begin with your young horse. I can come to you. Available for half and full days at your property. POA


 Invest in yourself  and begin your journey today.


Private lesson 1 hr individual at our Centre $80pp

Private lesson 1 hr shared with 2 people at our Centre $50pp

Group lesson 3 people shared at our Centre 2 hrs $100pp


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