This course is to help riders who are trying to move forward with their green or young horse. I take you through my own process, explain my ideas about balance and alignment and how they impact on the horses emotions.


Learn by watching me demonstrate with our new young horse 'Bookie'

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With this online course you will learn

Basic Ground skills - Learn how to quickly evaluate your horse before you ride.

Starting Work in hand - Working your horse from the ground in a bridle is a simple and effective method of training safely from the ground.

Work in hand - Lateral steps. Introducing basic lateral steps to help influence the horse's balance.

Setting a goal - Setting your own goals and creating the steps needed to achieve your goals.

Developing balance through the Half halt's - Learning the mechanics of a half halt and how to apply it for relaxation.

Riding the hollow side - Learn why your horse may over-bend, come behind the bit and have trouble with transitions.

Developing the lateral softness - For your horse to be soft, round and relaxed it needs to be strong and athletic.

Riding on a windy day - Learn the process of developing your horse to be calm and responsive in all weather.

Riding out of the arena Part 1 - Learn how David develops the horses confidence to enable him to ride out of the arena. 

Riding out of the arena Part 2 - Building on part 1.

First ride - Watch and listen to Bookies owner have her first ride. This is the raw footage.

Cantering - coming soon. Developing the canter with the young horse.

Each section has its own video of David working with Bookie, plus a PDF of the highlights from that video

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